Pulis Plumbing needs more plumbers

Pulis Plumbing needs more plumbers

The plumbing industry is a crucial industry in any economy. The very basics of plumbing are to provide safe and reliable water to societies. A well-structured plumbing system not only provides a good water supply system but also efficient wastewater management.

We as a plumber are always dealing with water in one way or another. Preventing any unnecessary water wastage always remains a key agenda in every project. We don’t think of the people behind all the laid pipework when we turn any tap on. Plumber, a professional that is frowned upon, which could be the reason why the demand for plumbers is extremely high.

Installing and maintaining plumbing systems is an occupation that requires extreme focus, dedication and hard work. Unfortunately, there seems to be an insufficient pool of qualified workers in the field. As our Director Michael Pulis says “Despite the growing need for plumbers, there are fewer men and women entering the workforce.” The government should enforce some initiatives which will encourage more men and women to consider become plumbers.

The demand for plumbers is very strong at the moment and this isn’t likely to change any time soon. Like many trades within the building industry, there’ll always be a need for plumbers with the right qualifications and experience. As a plumber, you can easily work your way up to become a master plumber, as well as to specialize in certain areas.

The plumbing profession offers great earning potential, plenty of opportunities as well as the job stability. A career in plumbing ticks all the right boxes. Moreover, the work is rewarding and no two days are the same. Pulis Plumbing is looking to hire qualified plumbers and apprentice plumbers in our team. If you are interested or looking to change your career get in touch with us and we can give you a good guide.

Call Pulis Plumbing Director Michael Pulis at 03 8390 7759 to discuss your chances of being a plumber with us.

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