Why you should regularly clean your roof gutters

Why you should regularly clean your roof gutters

Gutters are an important aspect of your roof for various reasons, starting from collecting the water through to protecting you and your family from all the environmental aspects. With the changing environmental factors it’s important we try to collect rainwater for irrigation purposes. The increasing trend in Melbourne is a sign of how Melbournians are getting environmentally conscious and making the most of rainwater.

Regular maintenance of gutter is mandatory. Unattended gutters are can cause various issues from leakages, rusting gutters, sagging and much more. As the gutters get clogged over time with fallen leaves, debris, pollen turned to small plants and much more. The clogging prevents water from flowing in an effective manner. As the water starts building in the drain pipes the water starts to find another means of draining itself. As the water pushes through, leakages start to form. The collected water body also becomes a trigger causing rust to form. As the rust prolongs, it often eats its way through steel gutters forming holes.

Another reason why regular maintenance is required because they can cause damage or even injury if they come off the house.

If you see any reason to suspect that your gutters cannot be attended to by yourself, call Pulis Plumbing at 03 8390 7759 and let us handle all the work. Our Director Michael Pulis always says, “If your backyard can be covered with fallen leaves then imagine what could go in your gutters!”

It’s always safe to have your gutters clean regularly as compared to have issues arise up later. Pulis Plumbing team is fully experienced and equipped to take care of all gutter matters whether it is your home, commercial property or even a building. Call us, let us take care of that gutter!!

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