Blocked drains can  be caused by various problems such as broken pipes, invasion of tree roots, unaligned pipes, foreign objects and many more. It’s important to have the drains cleaned periodically to prevent major drainage problems. Pulis Plumbing has invested in various devices which help identify and clear drains. 

If you are looking to understand more about drain clearing or want to proactively service your pipe, get in touch with one of our experts immediately. 

Drains used daily can often be clogged by the waste that passes threw, causing water to flow slowly or even come to a complete stop. 

At Pulis Plumbing we have nearly 20 years of experience unblocking drains throughout Victoria. There are various methods of clearing out a drainage from waterjets to clearing machines, to understand which method works best for your house get in touch today.

If you encounter slow draining sinks, showers or basins,  gurgling sounds in pipes, unpleasant odours coming from drains or inconsistent water levels in your toilet it’s time to get your pipes checked for any congestion. 

We use HD Drain Cameras to inspect and identify the issues and solve them, allowing you a unaffected water flow. Get in touch with our expert team to see how we can help you with the best solution. 

Many a times the pipes can be blocked by the overgrown roots of a tree which get into the pipework. The roots do not cause immediate affect when they get into the pipework but can cause serious damage as they start to grow. 

If you are worried, give our team at Pulis Plumbing a call to get more understanding. We will evaluate, inspect and guide you through the solution. 

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