Water, whether hot or cold is used in abundance in all our homes. At Pulis Plumbing, we understand the necessity of always having continuous flow of water however if anything does go wrong our experienced team is  here to provide hot and cold water services and repairs that are both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Don’t wait for water problems to drown you, get in touch to understand how you can protect yourself from water issues from leak, water seepage, water pressure to water quality and many more. 


As we face increasing water shortages and scorching drought conditions Victorians are taking steps towards conserving water. Harvesting rain water is one of the best ways and most encouraged form of water conservation, plus it can also save you money on your water bills as the harvested water can replace fresh water in your garden, pool or toilets. 

At Pulis Plumbing we provide professional rain water tank advice specifically for your home and your water needs. We provide various solutions even if you have had difficulty with draining levels and water catchment, our team walks you through all solutions.

Solar hot water systems are some of the most economical and environmentally friendly hot water options in the market today. The long term benefits of solar outweigh the initial set up cost. 

If you are unsure, speak to our experienced team for best solar hot water solution for your home. 

If you already have a solar hot water system but are experiencing leaks or require servicing, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.  

It’s important to have clean and safe drinking water for yourself and your loved ones at all times. 

One of the easiest way to assure you have safe drinking water is by installing a tap, counter top or under bench filters. To understand which filter works best for you, speak to one of our team members for a better understanding why so many families prefer filtered water over tap water. We provide filtration solutions that work best to meet your needs. 

On rare occasions water intake can shut off abruptly causing banging sounds called water hammer or hydraulic shock. These sounds happen because shock waves cause plumbing pipes to move and strike against one another. Water Hammer can be forceful enough to break pipes and even loosen plumbing joints. 

There are various solutions for water hammer, however these options should be explored by an expert or it can cause serious damage to the pipes. 

If you can hear banging sound in your pipes get in touch with our team for immediate solutions or call us for more information. 


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