Gas is a crucial element in our homes whether we use it for cooking, heating or any other purpose, which is why it’s very important to make sure you and your loved ones are safe in the comfort of your house. 

At Pulis Plumbing, we have a qualified team that can provide you with all your gas services needs. 

We provide various tests and services, which can be combined together or customised in specific package to meet your and your families needs.

Gas works should be handled by experts in the field as there can be gas leaks, fire hazards or even explosions if handled incorrectly. 

Leave your natural and LPG gas works with our licensed team at Pulis Plumbing. 

It’s ideal to get your gas appliances periodically checked and serviced by an expert to ensure their running efficiency. 

If you are ever in doubt on why it’s important to get your gas appliances serviced just call our team for a quick chat.

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and must be dealt with immediately. 

Our gas leak detection experts use state of art manometers to detect any leaks. Once identified safety procedures are followed to eliminate any further leaks and immediate plan of action to repair is placed, all while giving you the complete understanding of the situation.

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