The Trusted Strata Plumbing Professionals in Melbourne

The Trusted Strata Plumbing Professionals in Melbourne

If you’re a strata, property or facilities manager in Melbourne looking for reliable and professional plumbing service, then you can count on the great service you’ll receive from Pulis Plumbing.

Property and strata managers need plumbing contractors they can count on to get the job done on time, professionally and as efficiently as possible. We’ll be there on-time and save you time and money on looking after your clients’ plumbing maintenance.

For fast and efficient service, Pulis Plumbing has coverage right across the metropolitan area from multiple locations, making it even easier for managers with multiple properties to rely on one plumbing company that can service all of their properties.

Our plumbers are highly professional and will take care of the resident or end client’s needs.

Discover how Pulis Plumbing can help you today. For great service for all your strata or property-managed plumbing needs across Melbourne, call and speak with Pulis Plumbing now.

Drop us an email or call us at 03 8390 7759 to schedule an appointment.

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