Ways of Handling a Blocked Drainage

Ways of Handling a Blocked Drainage

We all like to tackle jobs that arise at home that really need to be handled by experts. As experts, we can give you a few strategies to work with. However, you should weigh your pros and cons, especially your safety.

Natural Method – Try putting in 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of bi-carb and 1 cup of vinegar followed by 2 cups of hot water. This doesn’t harm the pipes and can be repeated periodically for regular maintenance.

Creative Way – Take a zip tie and make small cuts on both sides one on top of another. If you are able to insert the zip-tie far into the sink, that’s great else hook it to another zip tie and watch all the hair come out.

Old School – Remember when every household had a plunger. The key to proper plunger usage is to push gently and pull vigorously. They can prevent slow drainer and sometimes even a completely clogged pipe.

Chemical Drain cleaners – Various off-the-shelf drain cleaners are available in stores. You pour the contents of the bottle into the drain and follow the instructions on the bottle. The chemical can be extremely toxic, gloves and breathing mask should be worn at all times.

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