Natural Oder Neutralizer

Natural Oder Neutralizer

The weather has been very unpredictable from scorching hot days, flashing flooding and hail the size of golf balls. Australia is facing climate change and we all can feel the impact it has had on our lives. Crops in various locations have been damaged, properties have been destroyed, car windows left shattered and these are just a few visible impacts we see.

Recently, we have been receiving calls during the rains that the gutters and drainages have been overflowing. The reason for overflown drainages would most like be the excess rainwater so there is nothing to worry about. It’s what comes after that may cause you to worry – the nasty drainage smell. Yes, the water gushing out of our drainages was not clean and potentially left behind a nasty odor.

There are a few remedies you can try before giving Pulis Plumbing a call for odor removal. These are fairly inexpensive and you should have most of the items at home.

Baking Soda is a miracle product, you can use it for cooking, cleaning and even for neutralizing odor. Mix baking soda with equal parts water and flush it down the drain. This will not only neutralize the odor but also help clean out some unwanted drain blockage material along the way.

Use some natural disinfectants that many of us use on a daily bases to bring some freshness to our home. Many essential oils have a strong fragrance that can coverup the odor, simply mix your favorite fragrance with water and have your drainages amazing.

Vinegar is another kitchen product that can be used to deodorize stinky clogged pipes. Vinegar works best after drains have been cleaned by baking soda. Citrus fruits are amazing natural fragrances, simply use the skins of all your favorite citrus fruits and boil them in water. Pour down the strained down water into the pipes for some relief.

Michael Pulis says, “It’s good for everyone to know basic plumbing or home hacks. These hacks don’t work when damage exists, they work to prevent damage from happening. I always encourage my customers to take regular small scale measures, it makes both customers and us happy.”

Once the water is drained and the above measures have been taken, if your drains continue to give a foul odor call us to ensure your house pipes are drains are working well and not blocked. Only blocked drains and stagnant water bodies will give off an odor.

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