Protect your home from bushfire

Protect your home from bushfire

It’s heartbreaking what we are witnessing across Australia. Lives have been lost, homes and businesses have been destroyed. Thousands of people are stranded or in limbo as fires burn in parts of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, and Western Australia.

In times like these, its communities that get together and help one another that is able to survive the worst of disasters. Love, funding, and donations being provided to bushfire-stricken communities have shown that the people around the world care. We hope the fires will come under control and mends can be made soon.

Our director, Michael Pulis stated that soonest the situations are safer the Pulis Plumbing team will be going out to communities to provide plumbing services. A small team of our skilled plumbers will be going out to help connect water pipes, set up rainwater collection facilities and much more.

Bushfire damage has been closely witnessed by Michael Pulis in the past. “We cannot understand the pain of individuals and families that have lost so much over the last couple of weeks. The fires are raging but what really worries me is that summers have only begun”, said Mr. Pulis.

There are many ways to help our firefights who are fighting and taking on fires and to help families during their disaster recovery period. Check out Givit, a website where you donate what is required from fences, water tanks to school supplies.

We hope fires don’t continue to spread but here are a few things we can all do to prevent and lessen our damage:-

Roof and gutters

Clear the gutters and house roofs of all dry leaves and tree twigs. On a high fire risk day, use a hose to wet the roof and fill gutters with water.

Install safe gutters

Replace box gutter and combustible gutters by installing aluminum gutter mesh. A good product All-Flow Gutter Mesh meets the Australian standards for gutter guard bushfire attack levels that councils in bushfire-prone areas require.

Roof Sprinkler System

It’s good to have a roof sprinkler system which can reduce the impact of radiant heat, sparks, and embers.

Access to a water source

It’s good to have good knowledge of all taps and static water sources on and around your house. Swimming pools, rainwater tanks, ponds and more can water resources that can prevent water from spreading if immediate action is taken. Keep a few buckets on hand, which in a moment can make all the difference.

Garden Care

If you have a lawn or garden, it’s important to clear away all dry leaves, weeds, twigs and any rubbish that may act as a fuel for the fire. Keep all plants well-watered. Try to plant trees with low oil content and high water and salt content.

We can never emphasis enough that every house should Keep a fire extinguisher on standby. If you are concerned, contact Pulis Plumbing today to advise on upgrading your roof gutters, pumps, water tanks, and even sprinkler systems. Stay safe and be alert!

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