Let’s work together to conserving water this hot summer

Let’s work together to conserving water this hot summer

Water covers the majority of our Earth’s surface and is vital for all forms of life. Freshwater is an extremely scarce resource. Only 2.5 percent of the water on Earth is freshwater, means fit for human consumption. Water scarcity already affects large parts of the developing world therefore we do everything in our power to encourage people to save water in their homes and use it wisely.

Water is a great privilege for some and a major necessity for others. Michael Pulis, Director says “If you are lucky to have abundant access to clean and safe drinking water you should not take it for granted” and as a team, at Pulis Plumbing we enforce this upon ourselves.

With all of us relying on such a small percentage of quality water on Earth, it only makes good sense for everyone to try and save water as much as possible.

Here are some things we can all do about water conservation as a team:

Be mindful of shower times and limit bath times

 We all love a nice long shower and sometimes even a nice long bath on the weekends to relax. To ensure water is being utilized wisely and in an effective manner it is advised to limit our shower times between 10-15 mins. Baths on the other hand consume almost 8 times more water compared to an average shower.

It up to us to ensure how water is being used within our households and it’s upon us to see there is enough water for the future generations.

Car washes

When using water for washing your car, it’s perfectly fine to use recycled water or rainwater water. If you have a filtration process placed, the recycled water will be safe for washing your car and will NOT damage it.

Ensure safe plumbing

Having regular plumbing can ensure no water pipes are leaking and everything is working effectively. Ensure when you leave you have all your taps are correctly closed and no water is being dripped. On average if a tap drips once every second and is left unattended to for a year, then the water consumed will be around 9,465 liters every year.  

A major contributor to wasted water is flush in our toilets. We don’t realize the direct impact many times the mechanism in the flush has when it stops working. The water keeps filling and pouring countless hours, the quickest solution is to close the water knob when the flush gets full.

Use water-efficient fixtures and fittings

As companies take upon more environmental aspects into consideration when developing products, every machine becomes more resource friendly. All products from showerheads to washing machines, dishwashers and many more are becoming more water-efficient. Many of these fixtures and fittings can lessen an average water bill by up to $100-200.  

As a plumbing company, we come across many customers who want to make investments in conserving water but are talked into spending a hefty amount. If you are not sure about you can do call us for a quick chat and see what works best within your price point. Michael always says “using less water gets more money in your pocket! It makes sense to save water not only for the planet but also for you.”

You may be able to save thousands of liters of water each year by applying the above basic water conservation strategies. Whether it is how often you flush your toilet to how often you water your garden, remember that your decisions may impact the lives of millions of people in the future.

Our qualified and experienced team at Pulis Plumbing is always happy to assist if you have any plumbing related issues. We take care of you, so you can sit back and relax knowing your plumbing is in good hands.

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