Pulis Plumbing: What are the risks of using a plumber without a licence?

Pulis Plumbing: What are the risks of using a plumber without a licence?

There is a long list between a licenced and an unlicenced plumber. Although unlicenced plumbers can start off as cheaper alternatives but can end up cost you a lot of money. Let’s look into legitimate reasons why you should stick to a licenced plumber. Pulis Plumbing explains the below:-

Legally – All works completed by an unlicenced plumber that results in further issues can become a case waiting to be filed by your tenant or any government body. Wrong tools, misdiagnoses, incorrect fittings, and any gas leakages can be some issues that may increase the risk and result in serious hazards which can all be concluded towards hiring an unlicenced plumber.

Insurance Revoke – Any faulty installations or repairs by an unlicenced plumber will not be covered by the insurance companies. You will have to replace the same installation by a licenced plumber to reinstate the insurance coverage, which in turn increases the cost of the job by double.

Fraud – Unlicenced plumbers don’t have a regulatory board, which means the person who is providing you the services may or may not have any plumbing experience. Even worse, they could be someone who can even harm you and your family over disputes or greed and you could never see that person again.

Remuneration – If you are providing plumbing service without a plumbing licence, you can be charged a fine of $5000. Be wise and invest in getting a plumbing licence. The licence can be expensive but it would only add to your ambition of a plumber.

It’s never worth putting you or your family in such risk over saving a fraction of cost. Put your safety first and contact a licenced plumber and get stress free services. Call Pulis Plumbing at 03 8390 7759 to receive hassle-free quotes, you decide if the price fits you.

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