Why you need “GREASE TRAPS”

Why you need “GREASE TRAPS”

Grease traps are devices found in commercial establishments that prepare food such as restaurants. Grease traps prevent fats, oils, and greases (FOG) from flowing out with the wastewater into the sanitary sewer system.

In spite the name, grease traps also trap sugars, cream, and solids – like pizza dough – that can cause issues like sugar snakes. These are collections of sugar-eating bacteria that thrive in drain lines with a constant flow of sugar, such as the drain lines of a soda machine or at sugar-based establishments.

Why is it important to keep these greases and sugars out of the sanitary sewer system? If grease flows out with the wastewater, it can harden and build up in the sewage pipes, ultimately corroding the pipes. For this reason, many state and municipal governments mandate the use of grease traps, to keep wastewater free of FOG (remember, fats, oils and greases!).


Grease trap maintenance is a crucial element in this comprehensive preventative maintenance program, and you should take some simple, yet effective, steps to maintain your grease trap.

 Add a Strainer to Your Sink 

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. Strainers might seem basic, but they are incredibly effective.

Scrape Food Waste into the Trash 

Similar to adding a sink strainer, the process of merely scraping food into your restaurant waste can is another practical route to keep food waste and grease out of the drains, the No. 1 reason that grease traps block up.

Ensure Employees Don’t Pour Grease or Oil Down Sinks and Floor Drains 

Although pouring grease or oil down your sink or floor drains may seem like a way to quickly get rid of your grease, it really just clogs up your grease trap with FOG particles.

 Keep a Regular Inspection Schedule 

Keeping to a consistent schedule is key in making sure your grease trap is well maintained at all times.

Find a Service Partner You Trust 

Even if you have hired a company to service your grease trap, it’s important to realize that some providers are better than others.

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